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  • Psychology 2.0

Psychology 2.0

Different paths to The Book

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The book is intended for those who feel that the science of psychology needs a concept that integrates the current thinking schools with approaches such as cognitive science, psychodynamics and positive psychology.

The author, a Hungarian psychologist active in HR consulting, has developed a thinking frame, a paradigm, that is independent of current research schools, but which integrates in a simple model existing results and theories of psychology.

The book contains formal - system theory based - and visual descriptions of the suggested model, as well as independent articles that use this model in everyday life, dealing with phenomena including problem solving, altruism, aggression, sex, and religion.

Although elements of this concept are already known, to enable a better understanding of this new perspective on human beings, the book contains many illustrations and easy-to-understand examples. In this way the book can reach every person who is interested in social sciences and who would like to improve their understanding of our selves, as well as psychologists and scientists in this field.

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